An Introduction to Mechanics of Solids

This book has been developed from subject matter and examples that I have used in my teaching of Solid Mechanics, Structures and Strength of Materials in Universities over the last ten years. It is intended for engineering degree courses in which solid mechanics and structures form a part. Postgraduates and those preparing for the membership of professional institutions, UPSC by examination in these subjects will also find this book useful.
The text illustrates where and how the necessary techniques are to be employed in each case. The reader will soon recognize, for example, that under elastic loading, the solution to the stress and strain suffered by a material invariably becomes that of satisfying three requirements: equilibrium, compatibility and the boundary conditions.
This textbook contains all to topics in four parts: In first part we discuss about the basic and advance topics related to stress and strain analysis. In second part consider concept of shear force and bending moment, theory of flexural axis in beams (symmetrical as well as un-symmetrical bending), shear stress, bending in curve bars, and deflection in cantilever, simply supported, fixed, propped and continuous beams. Third part contains Torsion and springs and last part contains thick and thin walled cylinders.
In this textbook we provide the solutions of problems of different competitive examinations like Engg. Services, IAS, UPSC, GATE, and many other universities.


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Contents Table
  • 1.  Introduction and Review
  • 2.  Transformation of Plane Stress and Plane Strain
  • 3.  Analysis of Stresses (in 3-Dimensions)
  • 4.  Analysis of Strain (in 3-Dimensions)
  • 5.  Stress-Strain Relationship
  • 6.  Theory of Elastic Failure
  • 7.  Concept of Shear Force and Bending Moment Diagram
  • 8.  Theory of Flexure for Initially Straight Beams
  • 9.  Concept of Shear Stresses in Beam
  • 10. Deflection of Beam
  • 11. Fixed and Continuous Beam
  • 12. Beams on Elastic Foundation
  • 13. Energy Method
  • 14. Bending in Curved Bars
  • 15. Unsymmetrical Bending
  • 16. Flexural Axis and Shear Centre
  • 17. Bending of Axis Plate
  • 18. Elastic Stability of Columns
  • 19. Members Subjected to Torsional Loads
  • 20. Spring
  • 21. Pressurized Thin Walled Cylinder
  • 22. Axi-Symmetric Problems
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