Engineering Mechanics for AKTU

We provide a common platform for students whose studying in Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam University, to avail different services to help improve their academics. On the below, you can find link providing different resources of Engineering Mechanics with suggested link. A topic wise study materials of Engineering Mechanics is provided for students. Here they can find recent information related to their subject.
Some exercise have been suggested to work on for students related to the study materials provided in above link. You can find link providing different resources of Solution of AKTU Engg. Mechanics semester wise Papers. Also you get the AKTU Engg. Mechanics questions topicwise.
We hope that these materials and previous year papers will be useful to candidates preparing for the University Examination, and will also be useful for anyone studying these subjects.

AKTU Regular Papers

Odd Sem. Papers
12021-2022 RME101 (COP)
22019-2020 RME101
32018-2019 RME101
42017-2018 RME101
52016-2017 RME101
62015-2016 NME102
72015-2016 EME102
82015-2016 ME101
92014-2015 NME102
102014-2015 EME102
112014-2015 ME101
122013-2014 NME102
132013-2014 ME101
142013-2014 TME101
152012-2013 EME102
162012-2013 EME102 MTU
172012-2013 ME101
182012-2013 TME101
192011-2012 EME102
202011-2012 EME102 MTU
212010-2011 EME102
222009-2010 EME102
232009-2010 TME101
242008-2009 EME102
252007-2008 TME101
262005-2006 TME101
Even Sem. Papers
12021-2022 KME402
22018-2019 RME201
32017-2018 RME201
42017-2018 NME202 (COP)
52017-2018 EME202 (COP)
62017-2018 ME201 (COP)
72016-2017 RME201
82016-2017 NME202 (COP)
92016-2017 EME202 (COP)
102016-2017 ME201 (COP)
112015-2016 EME202 (COP)
122015-2016 ME201 (COP)
132014-2015 NME202
142014-2015 EME202 (COP)
152014-2015 ME201 (COP)
162013-2014 NME202
172013-2014 EME202 (COP)
182013-2014 ME201 (COP)
192012-2013 ME201 MTU
202012-2013 TME201 (COP)
212011-2012 EME202
222010-2011 EME202
232010-2011 TME201 (COP)
242009-2010 EME202
252009-2010 TME201 (COP)
262008-2009 EME202
272007-2008 TME201
282006-2007 TME201
292006-2007 ME201
302006-2007 ME202
312005-2006 TME201